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Maintenance and supervision

  /  Maintenance and supervision
In case servers aren't your thing... It's ours.

Hosting & Outsourcing

Whether your project was designed and created by us or not, we can host it.

What does this mean? We can put your project online and make sure it stays there.

Here is the first offer that we make for TPE/PME:

  • Professional Plan of level #1

  • 300
    • Setting up an SSL (HTTPS) certificate
    • Monitoring & alertes
      Receive email alerts if a failure is detected
    • Backup of files every evening through the Tavux Cloud*
    • Backup of database each hour through the Tavux Cloud*
    • Response in the case of failure and free diagnostic
    • Opening/Follow up on requests

    *Fixed periods based on different factors. Data backups kept by TAVUX for one year and saved on multiple hard drives in parallel physically and geographically independent of your servers.