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Deployment of Nostr Relays

  /  Deployment of Nostr Relays
For more resilient social networks

Deployment of Nostr Relays

As digital solution experts constantly keeping an eye on the latest technological innovations, we’ve recognized the distinction of Nostr: an open protocol designed for a censorship-resistant global social network.

What is Nostr?

Nostr is a straightforward, open protocol, utilizing flexible event objects conveyed in JSON and standard elliptic-curve cryptography for keys and signing. Its resilience stems from its independence from centralized servers. Users can connect and publish to an arbitrary number of relays, promoting software diversity and verifiability through public-key cryptography.

Why is Nostr necessary?

Our current social media systems are flawed: they leverage attention to sell ads, rely on secretive algorithms, exert complete control over participation and censorship, and are riddled with spam and bots.

For our clients looking to deploy Nostr relays, we offer technical expertise dedicated to establishing this decentralized infrastructure. This includes setting up Nostr relays for seamless integration into the global network, thus ensuring open and uncensored communication.